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About Apostille Document Services

Apostille Document Services has been providing expert apostille and authentication, embassy and consulate legalization, and corporate document retrieval services for over 15 years.

Whether your documents need to be authenticated by the California Secretary of State, the US State Department in Washington, DC, or a foreign consulate/embassy--or a combination of those places--we will take care of it for you. We know how to get documents authenticated correctly and quickly, so let us put our deep experience navigating the often-frustrating bureaucracies involved in international document authentication to work for you.

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Your Team

Gary Hirsch

Notary Public and Apostille Expert

Over many years of apostilling and legalizing documents, Gary has learned exactly what each receiving country expects from authenticated documents. He uses that knowledge to ensure that the authentication process is smooth and quick, and that the final documents will meet the foreign country's requirements. His goal is to take over the logistical details so you don't have to worry about it.

John Cavalli

Notary Public and Apostille Expert

John is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get a document authenticated and shipped as quickly as possible. He knows the requirements for dozens of countries by heart, so he makes sure submitted docs won't get rejected. He is especially skilled at navigating the ever-changing requirements for legalization by the Chinese consulate.

What Can We Help You With?

Power of Attorney Apostille

Power of Attorney Apostille

Birth Certificate Apostille Instructions

Birth Certificate Aposttile

Death Certificate Apostille Instructions

Death Certificate Apostille

Marriage Certificate Apostille Instructions

Marriage Certificate Apostille

Diploma Transcript Apostille

Diploma / Transcript Apostille

Background Check Apostille

Background Check Apostille

Divorce Decree Apostille Instructions

Divorce Decree Apostille

Affidavit Statement of Fact Apostille

Affidavit / Statement of Fact Apostille

Articles of Incorporation Apostille

Articles of Incorporation Retrieval

Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Good Standing Retrieval

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