Apostille for Background Check

Background checks include information about an individual’s financial, criminal, and public history, and often include an in-depth review of passports and driver’s licenses, public records, and employment history. Residents of the United States may be asked to present a background check for use abroad, in circumstances for purposes such as housing, adoption, teaching, and employee screening. To ensure your background check is accepted in the destination country, you may need an Apostille or authentication.

Apostille Documents offers a comprehensive apostille and authentication service with convenient online ordering and document return via FedEx, saving you time and ensuring peace of mind that your document will arrive quickly and safely. Apostille Documents will process your background check with the utmost care. We understand the details and the potential challenges involved in the process and will ensure your document is properly legalized. Before you present us with your background check, there are some steps you can take to make sure the process is as smooth as possible:

Easy Steps to Order a California Apostille for a Background Check

1.  Check the Origin of the Background Check. Make sure that the background check was issued and certified by an official in one of the 58 counties in California. 

2.  Have your Background Check Notarized. Your background check must be certified by a Notary Public in order to be authenticated. There are various types of background checks. The two most common types are:

  • Live Scan Fingerprinting: Once the scan is finished and you are cleared, you will receive a clearance letter. Bring the letter and this form to a Notary Public for certification. 
  • Police Background Check: These background checks are conducted in person at the police department. In this case, we advise you to have a mobile Notary come to the police department and certify the document on location. Click here for information about our Mobile Notary service.

3.  Find Out if the Destination Country is a Member of the Hague Convention (Click Here). If the country to whom you are presenting your document is a member of the Hague Convention, you will need an Apostille authentication. If not, your document may need Embassy Legalization. In this case, please give us a call.

4. Go to Purchase Options and follow instructions

Disclaimer: Apostille Document Services is not a law firm, and its agents are not attorneys. Please contact a licensed attorney or your local bar association for all legal matters. Please Call Now: 877-710-9493.